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The beauty of your modern wool rug is just the beginning.

When you’ve found your perfect floor rug for your home, the style it adds to the space is just the start of the benefits it brings. Your wool rug can offer a non-slip surface, reduce noise and provide comfort and warmth on cold floorboards. But when you’re searching for floor wool rugs for sale it about more than just pure practicalities, you also need to consider the furniture and décor of the room. A mismatched rug will stick out like a sore thumb in your home, while a perfectly matched wool rug can really tie the room together.

Make the right choice, with Icon’s divine range of discount floor rugs online.

Icon Homeware stocks a selection of discount floor rugs online, with a range to suit just about any home. Browse through our huge selection of modern wool rugs for sale. Whether you opt for natural tones, bold colours or striking patterns, browse our discount floor rugs online and you are sure to find the ideal rug for your Australian living room. Icon Homeware’s collection of discount rugs for sale comes with a lowest price guarantee:

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Find an identical floor rug online at a competitor’s store and we’ll beat the difference in price by 10%!

And that’s not all! For all purchases of large wool rugs over $100 we’ll even provide free Australia wide delivery.

Don’t go anywhere else to buy floor rugs online in Australia– turn to Icon Homeware for quality range and find discount rugs that will look great in your house as well as a terrific range of homewares online.

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Discover Icon’s divine range of discount floor rugs below!

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Wool Rug

What should you look for when choosing your discount floor rug?

A floor rug is only as good as the materials and the expertise that went into making it, so if you are looking for a top-notch rug, you should look for see good fibres, good dyes, and good workmanship.

Wool Rug
Get to know your fibres!

The best fibre for rugs by a long shot is wool. It is the strongest, most colourful, and most versatile fibre and an absolute pleasure to walk on. Even a lower grade wool floor rug will outlast the best synthetic fibres like nylon, acrylic, polyester and olefin. Wool is also your friend when it comes to concealing the effects of dust and soil, so it also looks cleaner, for longer.

Wool is the best choice for modern floor rugs. It’s that simple!

And your wool rug will be very eco-friendly!

Wool is also the only genuinely environmentally friendly choice if you like to do your bit to protect our your planet. Your wool floor rug is made of a truly sustainable resource (those beautiful sheep restock the supply, every single year at no cost whatsoever to the environment. annually!).

All the other synthetic options contain potentially harmful petroleum by-products, like plastic.

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Discover Icon’s divine range of discount floor rugs below!

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Wool Rug

Discount floor rugs... the fabulousness is in the fibres!

All Icon discount floor rugs use the very best fibres... here’s a helpful fibre guide:


Natural fibres, like wool, silk & cotton.

These are the most durable, easiest to dye and the most pleasurable to walk on. These fibres are also used to make hand woven rugs, which will tend to be worth much more in value. Wool is also used in the higher quality machine woven rugs such as Karastan.


Synthetic fibres like nylon, olefin & acrylic.

These are man-made fibres that are not as durable or quite as beautiful as a wool floor rug. However, they cost less and are a good substitute for a wool floor rug if destined for low importance areas and you consider them “disposable” after a few years.


Fibres like rayon, viscose, sisal & jute.

These fibres have flaws when compared to wool, but still are a very popular choice for discount floor rugs. Rayon and viscose fibres may snap easy, they may discolour or shed. Spills can be tricky to clean up, but the money you save might be worth the extra effort!

Wool Rug
And don’t forget about the dyes... they can be good, bad & ugly!


Colorfast dyes.

These can be natural or synthetic dyes. It’s tough to “test” dye stability but you can take a close look at the back and look for any visible dye migration. Or you check by using a damp handkerchief to see if there is easy migration.


Fugitive dyes.

These are the dyes that are NOT colorfast, so any spills will bleed. In many cases the dyes used are not good quality, and the fibres may have excess dye because the floor rug has not been thoroughly rinsed before the weaving process.


Over-dye treatments.

Some rugs are “coloured” after they are weaved. One common practice is called a “tea wash” over-dyeing. This like a wash-in dye for your hair, the colour washes away after a certain period of time (for example, whites fades to beige).

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Discover Icon’s divine range of discount floor rugs below!

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